About DL


Whether you’re a doctor’s office that needs to stop worrying about computer problems or an industrial plant manager looking for automation process flow support, DL Technical Consulting has the experts that can get your organization operating at peak efficiency. Our experts have decades of experience across a dizzying array of technical disciplines, from complete small business IT outsourcing to industrial factory floor automation programming to Ma Bell sysadmins to managed services for small businesses. 

We have employees with experience with startups, global telecommunications firms, local small businesses, and governments. We are tool agnostic: should you work with trusted brands like AWS and Azure, or can a focused mid-market provider such as Linode, Digital Ocean, or OVH provide better value for your needs? We’re here to help you make decisions and implement them. When you come to DL, you’re coming to a company looking for the best fit for you, not the best way to force you to use the toolset we’ve decided on. 

Why DL


We’ve been where you are now: in-house employees looking for outside help and finding ourselves wholly dissatisfied with the process and product of contract help. We do not hide costs downstream. We pride ourselves on finding the services right for each client. We believe that training, documentation, and comprehensive before and after action reviews are key to successful projects and partnerships.

We succeed when you do.

You tell us what your needs are and what resources you have to address the need. We sit down and decide what part DL Technical Consulting can play in closing out your business issues. We develop an action plan with milestones, expected timelines, and cost summaries. 


Managed services include the complete outsourcing of all IT needs. Hardware, software, configuration management, patches, updates, antivirus and ransomware protection, backups/disaster recovery, licensing, warranty coverage, the complete package. You focus on what you do best and leave the IT to us. We watch your systems in real time, proactively assessing issues and taking action before they become disruptive to your core business. 


Virtual CTO services are best when your business is facing an IT decision and you need a trusted partner to plan and analyze your possible opportunities in the IT space. Does a huge capital outlay for on site server racks make sense, or is the salesperson trying to make a sale with equipment and services that don’t make sense for your business? How will having a remote workforce affect your network integrity? Which vendor provides hardware and software that get your business the functionality you need to drive forward? Our consultants have the hands-on experience you need to drive business success.  


When missed project requirements and change orders are overflowing and your business is spending more time explaining processes than driving forward with project deliverables and results, reach out to DL Technical Consulting. From new medical office IT build outs to $10m+, massive equipment deployments covering entire cities and beyond, we have the experts with the experience and skill to drive a new project forward or get a failing project back on track.